On this page you can see my other hobbies besides photography for the last 10 years. I started to create at the age of 6, so this is certainly not all that I have done in my life. But these are the biggest, hardest and most important works for me.

The dinosaur is the latest addition to our garden. I finished it in 2022. Its length exceeds 4 meters.

This is my last sculpture. Now I am studying and devoting all my strength exclusively to photography.

What can I say ? I love animals and I love cats too! Especially big cats! ;) 2018-2019

After the bear, the French bulldog appeared. We named her Masha, it was the name of my friend's dog. 2017-2018

I have a big garden. And one day I decided to try to make an animal sculpture for him, which looks like a pruned plant, but retains it's appearance for many years. This is how my bear was "born". Why a bear? Simply because it is the symbol of Russia, my country of origin. ))) 2016-2017

Mr. Jack came to our family in 2014. I did this for my children.

All my life I dreamed of having a German Shepherd. One day, in 2016, I decided to make it myself from metal wire.)))

I made miniatures for 1 year for my godson.

Cold porcelain flowers. My hobby in the period 2013-2015.

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